Kate Cartwright's Goddess Art
Three Ravens
Ravens have been assigned a powerful role in the myths of many cultures: trickster, creator, messenger, death bringer, to name a few. With fluid grace the sleek black bird moves easily between the worlds of ordinary and non-ordinary reality. His talkative ways serve his human friends. Often he can see upcoming events in time to give warnings or advice. By tradition, ravens have this interest and ability to communicate with humans. Witches often had one as a familiar. The ravens black color is associated with the dark moon phase and the unconscious or repressed elements of the psyche. The number three is sacred to the Goddess. It is symbolic of the three phases of the moon (new, full and dark), the three stages of life (maiden, mother, crone) and the three realms (heaven, earth, underworld).

Item Code: TRA
Price: $5.50
Size: 1 3/8"X1 3/8"

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