Select an image from the list of 30 below. Each has its own page w/text. can start at the beginning of the list and view all 30 pages using the "next stamp" link at the bottom of each page--a Goddess culture education in itself!
  Sheela Na Gig Nile Goddess Labyrinth Huichol Snake star_orange.gif (888 bytes) Cowrie Shell Border
Venus of Willendorf Artemis Pentagram star_dk_red.gif (881 bytes) Moon Border Frog Border Three Ravens Hand w/Spiral Four Women w/Hair star_blue.gif (887 bytes)Isis Standing Kali Dancing Isis w/Wings Triple Hecate Arching Nut star_green.gif (887 bytes) Kali Ma Guadalupe Sleeping Lady of Malta All Women Mandala Demeter star_blue.gif (887 bytes) Spiral Snake Snake Goddess Yoni Stamp Kinitty Cross Birth Mother star_orange.gif (888 bytes) Tree Goddess Going Within Bear

All stamp images and art in this website Kate Cartwright 1992-2001. Please don't use it without asking me first. (updated 5-1-01)

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