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This photo was taken in the fall of 1998. Late in 1999 I moved to Ketchum, Idaho, to be near my granddaughter born in August of that year.

Besides art projects, I love to garden and to learn more about myself and my friends through dreams, the Enneagram and astrology.

Career-wise I have stubbornly pursued a zig-zag path of independence, mainly as an artist. For the past 14+ years I have focused on Goddess art and developed the products you see in this website.

My present list of "hats" would include: painter, artist/crafts-woman, graphic designer, astrologer, teacher (art & astrology) and all-around small business woman.

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I feel like I should say something about my connection to Goddess culture. I come from a background of Catholic religion and education (I even joined the convent for a time) and I have relished the opportunity to find balance by translating "God" into "Goddess" and exploring the feminine face of God. This process has helped me to trust myself, my wisdom, my guidance, my own woman's way of "knowing," the "God/Goddess" within.

My discovery of the Goddess happened in the '90s while I was living in Sonoma County, California. I had been recently divorced and my daughter in college so I returned to a part of California that I had always loved. I met an amazing group of people there and learned much about Goddess culture and shamanism. I also met my spiritual teacher, Gangaji, during this time. Her pure connection to the truth of being human has touched me to the core. 

I'm pleased to share my enthusiasm for the Divine Feminine with these offerings of my art. I dedicate these pages to the unfolding of Her Mystery and Her Blessings in each of our lives...Kate

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