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Here are some of the sites I feel deserve to be shared because they dignify the presentation of the Goddess on the WWW or they present something of interest to like-minded folks.  Having created my own site I have an appreciation of sites that are easy to navigate, fast loading and beautiful (a Goddess attribute). I am always open to discovering more so feel free to bring your site to my attention.

 The Goddess/Sacred Feminine

The JBL Statues site features both Gods and Goddesses but it's interesting and informative. 

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Another site that carries statues is They are located in Australia but seem to be offering prompt and reasonable shipping to the USA. I'd be interested in any feedback from someone who has purchased from them.

Sage Woman Magazine has a site that uses my art (the circular designs) on every page. This is a great magazine for those exploring and celebrating Goddess culture. I would also recommend it as a good place to advertise Goddess products.

The We'Moon Calendar women have created a site that is as artful and womanly as their wonderful desk calendar. In the summer of 2001 they had a fire in the main building that served as their office. Some of their history is lost and they need to re-build--a difficult situation. I'm sure they would appreciate any support.

The Borgia Goddesses is one of my favorite sites on the WWW. If you have an interest in Mayan and Aztec Goddess art check it out. I use the images for desktop display by tiling them.

I have always liked the art of Sandra Stanton. She does a great job of presenting her art on the WWW in a way that is both educational and beautiful.

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Just found this site looking around in searches for Goddess art. It's called Devi--The Great Goddess. Very beautifully done and informative on the subject.

Now why didn't I think of that? Goddess Stencils!!

I am always interested in Goddess card decks. The Goddess artist, Hrana Junto, has created one that is very beautiful.

Another deck, The Goddess Tarot, by Kris Waldherr. This site is set up so you can use the cards in a reading for yourself. Nice feature.

Check out Goddess Creative Designs. Crafts as fine art.

Circle Round is a new site advertising a sourcebook for adding Goddess traditions to your family life. They have recommended my stamps.

Goddess Mandalas by Sid Reger is a new site I can recommend for it's original and beautiful art.

Through my Goddess stamp business I have become acquainted with Connia Silver in Arizona. She has a site for her project, The Crossroads Lyceum/College of Isis.

At Radical Weeds they offer books with seeds. Look for the Garden Remedy Series and find seeds for growing your own natural remedies for menopause, stress and immune support.

Motherpeace Tarot now has it's own website. If you're not familiar with this wonderful Tarot deck please do yourself a favor and check out this link. I wouldn't think of living without it. 

Vicki Noble and Joan Marler, among others, have a website called Sacred Journeys. I know both of them from my days in Sonoma County, California, and would highly recommend anything they are organizing or participating in.

I highly recommend you view Sarah Teofanov's new site that features her charmingly original Goddess art. Available on cards and as prints.


ERA Graphics carries some interesting Goddess stamps.

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of stamp companies on the WWW check out the Stamp Links page on the Gingerwood site.


My own beloved teacher, Gangaji, has a web page. You can use it to order books and tapes and check up on her schedule of satsangs and retreats.

For a quick Tarot reading I use Facade. There might be a better one out there, but I haven't found it yet. 

Women Networking

Womenfolk is one of my favorites in this category. It has a cozy feminine feeling. My stamp page is featured in the "Women Create Beauty" section.

WWWomen is another women's directory that is very complete.

The WomanSource Catalog Online has given me a link and I would recommend it. They claim to have the best "women-powered sites on the web."

Updated 9-11-03

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