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The following books circle around the topic of the Divine Feminine. Each has had a profound influence on me in the past 7 or 8 years, my own time of discovery for Goddess religion and culture. This is by no means an exhaustive list of Goddess reading material--more of a personal best list.


Goddess--Mother of Living Nature by Adele Getty. A rich treasure of art and text. If I had to choose one book of images, this would be it, especially considering the compact size and the price.

Check it out!





Lady of the Beasts by Buffie Johnson. A must-have book for lovers of Goddess art.

The Once & Future Goddess by Elinor Gadon. This book includes contemporary Goddess art.

The Yoni--Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power by Rufus Camphausen. Yes, Rufus is a man, but this book is worth a good long look. Lots of great pictures.


The Storyteller's Goddess by Carolyn Edwards. I had the pleasure of hearing Carolyn read from this book when it first came out (1991). Takes the Goddess out of history books and brings her alive in the language of our time.

Grandmothers of the Light by Paula Gunn Allen. This author I have also met at book signings. I appreciate the way she offers a bridge between my love and respect for native American mythology and that of the Goddess.

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Words cannot express my appreciation to Clarissa for giving us this book. It is a lifeline to the spirit that nurtures each of us. I belong to a women's circle we named "The Wild Woman's Maintenance Group."


Being-In-Dreaming by Florinda Donner. I was able to observe Florinda at a book-signing in Berkeley when this book came out. She appeared to be every bit as outrageous as the book. I've read it several times.

Buffalo Woman Comes Singing by Brooks Medicine Eagle. This autobiography deals head on with a lot of difficult issues around respect for native American spirituality.

Shakti Woman by Vicki Noble. I was fascinated by this woman's experiences and her ability to see her life within the context of feminine archetypal energy. An inspiration.


Priestesses by Norma Lorre Goodrich. Having been raised a Catholic, I have put in my time with the concept of men as priests. This book tells the other side of the story, herstory. A good reference book and some valuable images.

Kali--the Feminine Force by Ajit Mookerjee. This is one of my favorite books, but then I love Kali. Similar to Goddess--Mother of Living Nature in that it is inexpensive, but chock full of images and information. Highly recommended.

Motherpeace--A Way to the Goddess by Vicki Noble. Who would bother to live in these times without this book and the Motherpeace Tarot deck? A MUST-HAVE duo!

Goddesses-Images for Coloring and Meditation by Kate Cartwright & Alexandra Hart. I highly recommend the herstory text contributed to this book by my good friend, Alexandra, an excellent writer and editor.


Changing Woman & Her Sisters by Sheila Moon. I stumbled onto this book while house-sitting for a friend, before I had much understanding of Goddess culture. It touched me deeply. A year or so ago I found it again in a used book store and bought my own copy. A compelling blend of Jungian psychology and the Divine Feminine as found in Navaho and Pueblo Indian culture.

Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George. I am integrating the Asteroids into my own astrology work and this is THE definitive book on the subject.

Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George. This is a good read for those long winter nights when your dark side shit is hitting the fan, or any time you're feeling overwhelmed and need an attitude adjustment.

The Hathor Material - Messages From an Ascended Civilization by Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene. I'm not sure how to categorize this book, but I am very enthusiastic about it's contents and since Hathor was an important Goddess in Egyptian culture it certainly fits in to this book list. The Hathors are a collective of interdimensional beings now associated with the planet Venus. They are part of our Universe, only exist on the fourth dimension and have been involved with mankind for millennia. This book contains much information and advice especially useful in this time of transition for humans on planet earth.

The Sacred Prostitute - Eternal Aspect of the Feminine by Nancy Qualls-Corbett. I wish this book were more fun to read. It's more like a college thesis than a book intended for a mass market. However, I think that the topic deserves attention, thus it's listing here.

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